Stires Associates


Computer Services

Computer Assisted Design and Drafting (CADD) software systems, together with high-speed printers and plotters, provide the latest time-saving techniques and most sophisticated engineering available today. Our nationally certified AutoCad operators and extensive software library provide the most current capabilities in plotting/mapping, hydraulics/water resource modeling, and transportation design. Stires Associates, P.A. also has on-site high speed diazo reproduction machines for instant in-house production of finished documents in a number of media forms and formats. Our expertise, together with in-house graphics and presentation capabilities, enable us to satisfy the many requirements of the site development process.


  • Computer-Aided Engineering Design Software (Softdesk)
  • CPM/Scheduling Software
  • Hydraulic Modeling Software
  • Soil Erosion Control Design Software


  • Base Map Preparation
  • Small Scale Color Scanning
  • Color Renderings
  • Color Overlays
  • A-E Size Color Plotting


  • Fully Integrated Network
  • State-of-the-Art Computers
  • E - Sized Color InkJet Plotters
  • Color InkJet Printer
  • Laser Printers


  • Electronic Data Collection
  • Integrated Data Collection Software